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Your Challenge


Desperate to be published? Can’t hook a publisher?


If you are seriously considering self-publishing, then read on . . .


You’ve probably Googled ‘self-publishing’ and returned thousands of hits. You’ve possibly looked no further than the first page or two of results.  You may have checked out a couple of companies offering to put your cherished manuscript into print at an attractive price.


You sense your excitement rising. You can almost feel your book in your hands.


Wait. Reflect for a moment. Ask yourself, “What exactly do I get for my money?’


Unless you specifically ask – and pay extra – you won’t receive copy-editing, proofreading, cover design (other than the publisher’s standard templates) or continuing guidance on layout, fonts and other details that make a professional-looking book. And that’s what you want, isn’t it? A book that looks as good as those on the shelves in the book stores? And if you want to market your book most companies won’t undertake website design and/or management: they’ll pass you on to a third party.


So what are your choices? Trust proofreading to friends and family? Spend months learning the skills involved in typography and cover design? If you do, good luck with your endeavours. Many a promising book is fatally flawed because insufficient care is taken with important elements of book production. This is the bane of self-publishing. Look at a cheaply or carelessly produced self-published book and you’ll soon discover why.


We can help you to overcome these issues. At a price other self-publishing companies find difficult to match.


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