Our Solution

If you choose to work in partnership with WriteIdeas, we can make your book stand out by: checking your manuscript; proofreading it; typesetting it professionally; designing a custom cover; steering it through the self-publishing process. Even provide you with a website and a social media presence if you wish.


The traditional publishing process is lengthy and involves a number of specialists working together – editor, copy-editor, proofreader, designer, typesetter, sales and marketing. Arguably the most important of these are the copy-editor and proofreader. These highly-skilled professionals do not come cheap. Currently, their corporate hourly rate is in excess of £20 (some self-employed professionals quote between £7 and £12 per 1000 words). Suddenly, self-publishing starts to look outrageously costly.


You may decide to ask family and friends to proofread for you in order to avoid such costs. Bear in mind they are not professionals; inevitably they will not have the same understanding of grammar and punctuation or the same ability to discover errors. But you can be sure your readers will! At WriteIdeas we assess the proofreading work required in a manuscript. If we believe the grammar and punctuation is not of a sufficiently good standard, we will tell you so and offer an irresistible price. Don’t allow poor proofreading to ruin your book!


What do you do if you want to use the basic service provided by CreateSpace or Feed A Read, but not their professional services? You turn to WriteIdeas. We assure you our price will be much lower. As a small independent we do not take on a large number of clients, as we believe every one of them has a right to our personal attention as and when needed.

Our objective is to substantially reduce the cost of self-publishing a book of which you will be proud.